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St. Louis On The Air

March 30, 2015

Spring Gardening- Segment A
A discussion with horticulture experts from the Missouri Botanical Garden aboutthe proper care of gardens, lawns, trees and shrubs.

March 31, 2015

Income Tax- Segment A
A discussion about the preparation of state and federal income tax returns.

April 01, 2015

Ferguson Library- Segment A
A discussion about the Ferguson Library's role in the community, its recent accolade and the start of a new children's librarian that was attained through crowd-funding.

Ferguson Children's Book- Segment B
A discussion with the author of a new children's book, "Painting Peace for Ferguson."

An Interesting Bulge on Jupiter's Largest Moon- Segment C
A discussion about an interesting discovery on this solar system's largest moon, Ganymede.

Cardinals Baseball is Back- Segment C
A brief excerpt of an interview from earlier this year with Cardinals manager Mike Matheny, prior to the opening of the baseball season this Sunday.

April 02, 2015

Summer Learning Loss- Segment A
A discussion about summer learning loss and a new website and app that identifies opportunities for summer activities for children.

St. Louis Running Milestones- Segment B
A discussion about the 15th anniversary of the Go! St. Louis marathon and a conversation with a local woman who will be running her 100th marathon.

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Jazz Unlimited

Jazz Unlimited host Dennis Owsley wrote the book, City of Gabriels: The History of Jazz in St. Louis, 1845-1973. Hear him talk about the book in his appearance on St. Louis on the Air.

Dennis Owsley hosts three hours of jazz each Sunday night from 9 to midnight. Get the playlist and listen to the show, and find out what's coming up next week on our Jazz Unlimited page.

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National Program Highlights

Fresh Air
Open A Critic's 'Poetry Notebook' And Find The Works That Shaped Him
Clive James was diagnosed with leukemia a few years ago. "There is a grief in all poetry," he writes in his latest book of essays. "Poetry holds itself together, and eventually we ourselves do not."

Art Pepper's Startling Intensity Captured On Live Recordings
Fresh Air jazz critic Kevin Whitehead says that Art Pepper played like he was making up for lost time.