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New Directions
Commentary by: Susan Uchitelle
Aired November 17, 2008

Finally the election is over. Our country has a new President and a new government at the national level. Our state has a new Governor, a new Attorney General and a new Teasurer. The country has a fiscal crisis. We have huge challenges ahead.

So how do we face these issues and put education near the top of the challenges? All of the components of these crises are important, but if we do not have an educated constituency, we will never be prepared to handle future problems or maintain our status as a primary nation or a premier state.

We need the President and our governor in their first addresses to give broad and detailed education plans as one of their top priorities. During the next decade we know the financial crises will be with us but we owe it to our children to place education and social service at the top of the list.

We will need to build a national and state Teacher Core of American, one that utilizes adults to work with the youth of tomorrow. We must build in to our school curriculum a service component so that our youth have as a priority reaching out to others. We must build a large cadre of young adults well prepared for the uncertainties of the future. Hopefully many of the thousands of volunteers who worked for the election can be channeled toward helping teach the students and leaders of tomorrow.

This is a difficult time for all. But I am confident that the next generation will be able to have the vision and the courage to reach out and stand for the principles upon which this nation was founded. We just need to start the process of renewal, bring in adults who could work in the schools and show that as a nation and as a state we can weather difficult times and come out ahead.

Let us, as the Show Me State, show others how we can lead our State and the Nation to better times ahead.

(The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of St. Louis Public Radio.)

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Susan Uchitelle

Susan Uchitelle


Susan Uchitelle is a consultant for the Voluntary Interdistrict Coordinating Council.

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